Johann Meier

About the artist

He works with a brush, that borrowed its colors of shimmering beetles and green lizards, which lived in brown, rotted tree-trunks.
His blue skies make the clearest breath of air noticeable.
The colors, with the artists incomparable talent in drawing, create this admirable work.
But it’s not prudent to judge these paintings only on their optical value, as they have a strong content of the surreal unconscious, of the forgetting, the mythological, the metaphysical.
Individual stations alternate with dreamlike phenomenons, which the observer can enjoy and reflect. These impressions can be revealed to oneself anew. A door will be pushed open. The door is called imagination, which no artist should ever close for himself.

The old masters had a very strong connection to this kind of performing, fantastic art.

In my opinion this, one of the most valuable enrichments of abstract and informal trend in art, should arrive more and more in todays world of art. It’s always a very special experience to look at this elaborate work.

Dipl. Ing. Franz Th. Langer


  • Münchner Künstlergenossenschaft e.V.
  • BBK Niederbayern e.V.
  • Gemeinschaft Bildender Künstler Straubing
  • Isargilde Landau
  • IMAGO Surrealistengruppe (Gründungsmitglied)
  • Berufsverband Bildender Künstler Niederbayern


  • School in Straubing, apprenticeship as a sign writer for Josef Eberl in Straubing
  • Since 1974 self-employed as a sign writing master in Deggendorf
  • First steps with striking up on the paintings of old masters, as well as impressionistic art
  • Since 1974 the turn towards surrealism, I got caught up in the fantastic unreal
  • Admission to the international encyclopedia of fantastic artists 2013, Prof. Habarta

Thoughts about my work:

My paintings come into being from a spontaneous vision. The unconscious brings these pictures to the surface. I capture these visions in a sketch before they disappear. In artistic, representational precision and perfectionism, I try to carry out my visions as a pencil drawing, oil painting or acrylic – watercolor painting.

These fantastic, maybe at the first glance incomprehensible, works suddenly become – after looking at it for a prolonged time – real and have a message.
An artist is – in my opinion – an ambassador, a medium, because the world is way more fantastic than most of the people experience and see it. The artist makes the hidden a bit more visible.